The Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice (SCTJ) is an independent entity established by the Syrian Interim Government in November 2013 to build programs and future plans for transitional justice in Syria.

Since the United Nations Security Council has failed to refer the crimes of the Assad regime to the International Criminal Court, the responsibility falls on the post-Assad government and Syrian civil society to prosecute those responsible for human rights violations. Whether on the national or international level, the SCTJ will seek justice on behalf of the victims of the Syrian revolution. The culture of impunity that has thrived under the Syrian regime for the last forty years must finally be brought to an end.

The implementation of transitional justice is the only way to ensure redress for the Syrian people and at the same time open up a path toward national reconciliation, without which Syria may be vulnerable to further destruction and bloodshed. In fact, reconciliation is a form of transitional justice that is extremely necessary to establish a new Syrian state on a basis of legal legitimacy, pluralism and democracy.

The Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice is tasked by the Syrian Interim Government with leading on the Syrian transitional justice file. Members of the SCTJ include judges, lawyers, former political prisoners, and Syrian human rights activists.