A new report into the conditions of Syrian prisons has been prepared by the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice. Abuses of prisoners held by the regime have been well documented since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Earlier in 2014, a report prepared by London-based law firm, Carter-Ruck, brought to light the scale of the human rights abuses against detainees.

This new report from the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice examines the international treaties concerning prisoners’ rights which Syria is bound by, the domestic laws intended to regulate prisoners, and the current realities of the prison system.

The report draws upon first hand accounts by former prisoners, in addition to previous investigations undertaken by respected human rights organizations. The inhumane conditions faced by detainees across Syria are highlighted by the report findings, and the Syrian regime’s sustained failure to abide by the international agreements which it is party to is noted and deplored.

The Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice hopes that this report will draw the world’s attention to the crimes and violations committed by the al-Assad regime against its own people. Even as the regime’s armed forces continue the onslaught of bombings against civilians in opposition held territories, its civil branches and intelligence services torture and abuse detainees and prisoners.

The Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice, in light of this report and other reports that have gone before, calls upon the international community, and especially the United Nations, to take the necessary measures to end these atrocities as part of the commitment to the “Responsibility to Protect”.

The Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice also calls upon the al-Assad regime to halt all such violations, to respect international law and Syrian law, and to respect the human rights of all Syrian peoples.

Read the report here