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The International Coalition forces carried out a military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) or the formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Levant) (ISIS) or (ISIL) in Syria. The International Coalition began their first strikes on Monday September 22nd, 2014 at night. Initially, strikes were conducted using Tomahawk missiles in addition to a number of airstrikes. At the end of the month of September 2014, the first week of the campaign resulted in the killing of 39 civilians including children and women.

On the first day of the strikes, Tuesday September 23, 2014, civilians were killed in Idlib suburb – Kafrdyan town including children and women. The following names were documented in the airstrikes against Kafrdyan town in the Province of Idlib by the International Coalition strikes:

Child Zainab Maha Barakat, Child Mahmoud Jomaa Muath, Victim called Zamriya (his last name has not been identified, she is Jomaa Muath’s wife), Safwan Yahya Iskaf, Abdulhamid Mohammad Jahjah, Rim Al-Hajji, Basmla Abdulhamid Jahjah, and Mohammad Abdulhamid Jahjah, in addition to 16 unidentified victims.

While no victims were documented on the second day, the number of causalities increased the following days between the 25th to the 27th of September, the following were documented in that peiord:

On September 25, 2014 the following victims were documented in Hama Province:

Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Abdullah (As-Sari), from Hama – Taybat Al-Imam.

On September 26, 2014 the following victims were documented in Idlib Province:

Nader Aktaa’, Mohammad Jomaa Zalti, and Jomaa Zalti who all were from Idlib – Jesr Ash-Shoghour city and were killed by the International Coalition warplanes that targeted ISIS points.

On September 27, 2014 the following victims were documented in al-Hassaka Province:

From Al-Hassaka – Al-Fadghami town: Sattam Al-Attya As-Salama, Mahmoud Halabi Dandah As-Salama, Hussein Al-Ali Al-Khalil As-Salama, Ghassan Al-Mekhlef As-Salim, Ali Antar Al-Hanoush.”

On the sixth day of the International Coalition’s military campaign: September 28, 2014, three were documented in Ar-Raqqa Province:

Othman Mahmoud Math’outh, from Aleppo, Jomaa Mahmoud Muath,, the child Mahmoud Muath’s father, from Idlib – Kafrdyan. Ismail Hussein Al-Abou, from Ar-Raqqa.

While one woman was documented on the seventh day, September 29, 2014, in Ar-Raqqa: Fawziya Al-Jandoua’.

Therefore, the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice (SCTJ) emphasizes its most profound solidarity with the families of the Syrian civilians who were killed by the airstrikes. Thus the International Coalition should be responsible and liable on the loss of the civilian victims since the main target should have been only the “terrorist points and militias” without harming Syrian civilians and IDPs and their areas. Civilians’ safety should have been the first main standard at all times.

Also, SCTJ affirms that civilians and their gathering locations must not be used as headquarters, targets, or shields by IS or any other armed group as it puts their lives at risk.

Moreover, SCTJ notes that the Syrian regime hasn’t stopped targeting civilians and IDPs since the beginning of the International Coalition’s military campaign in Syria. Syrian Regime forces took advantage of the International Coalition’s operations as a distraction to eliminate more innocent lives. As a result, the Syrian regime killed 382 victims who were documented during the last week of September, 2014 while International Coalition’s operations were already in progress in Syria.

Finally, SCTJ affirms that that military strikes are not a real and sufficient guarantor for fighting terrorism in Syria unless there were real steps made by the International community to establish a democratic civil regime that would meet the aspirations of the Syrian people, and that would lead to building a pluralist democratic civil state where all Syrians live in peace and freedom. Such demands were the main pillars of the Syrian revolution that broke out in 2011 after Al-Assad regime had ruled Syria with an iron fist for decades.