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On Tuesday 19 August, 2014, Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice (SCTJ) conducted a workshop to discuss the ongoing project of establishing a central database to document Human Rights violations in Syria. A number of activists and representatives of institutions and Human Rights groups working on documenting Human Rights Violations in Syria attended the workshop including the vice-president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces Mrs. Noura Al-Amir, who attended to oversee the workflow of the project. At the opening session, Dr. Radwan Ziadeh indicated on the importance of the project for enhancing the transitional justice process whether it was to find criminal evidences by convicting crime perpetrators or to provide the necessary data to redress victims and their families. Such project “requires the cooperation of all the involved Human Rights groups, documenting institutions, and international organizations in addition to activists” Dr Ziadeh clarified.

The engineer, who’s in charge of directing the project, gave a presentation about the project’s structure, goals, stages, and what have been achieved. Furthermore, he explained that the system’s prototype and the forms for data collection were designed and ready to be implemented. Additionally, the engineer affirmed that the goal of the project is to establish a comprehensive and inclusive database based on specialized mechanisms.

This workshop was a follow-up to the founding conference entitled “Establishing a Syrian Special Court and a Unified Database of Human Rights Violations”, which was held in February 2014 to initiate and launch the project.